The Balwen Breed

Why choose Balwen?

The British Isles has many breeds of sheep, some recently introduced and some have existed here for centuries. The Welsh Mountain Sheep can be termed as an umbrella description to describe many of the breeds indigenous to Wales.

Through breeding and selection over the centuries the Welsh Mountain has developed into many distinct breeds: the Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep being one of these.
Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep Society

The Balwen Welsh Mountain sheep is a small very hardy breed. They are easy to manage, having few of the health problems associated with many of today's larger breeds of sheep. They have excellent feet, requiring very little attention, and can get by with only a minimum of supplementary feeding at peak times of the year.

Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep Society

The ewes make excellent mothers, having very few lambing problems and plenty of milk to feed the lambs. At their first lambing, most ewes have single lambs.But after that, under the right conditions many twin, and some have even reared triplets.

The Balwen lamb when killed makes an excellent carcase for the freezer. What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in sweetness and flavour. Their wool is graded as “soft/medium”, and with a medium length staple of 5 – 7.5cm (micron count 32.3), it is easy to spin.

Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep Society

And to top it all they are beautiful to look at!


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